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By Writing Team
Posted in March 5, 2024

The specialist explains the importance of cybersecurity and comments on the main trends for this year. Photo: Divulgação – Claudinei Elias.

The importance of investing in cybersecurity gained prominence in 2023, mainly due to the significant technological advancements brought by Artificial Intelligence, such as Chat GPT, which are becoming increasingly accessible to the entire population. In 2024, the forecast is that the topic will gain even more prominence, becoming one of the top priorities for companies.

It is worth noting that, according to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting (on behalf of Tenable), in the past two years, the cybersecurity programs of organizations were prepared to proactively defend or block only 59% of potential cyberattacks. In other words, 41% of the attacks launched against Brazilian companies end up being successful and need to be remedied after they occur.

“Attackers are always one step ahead, and we have to consider that they also have access to highly advanced artificial intelligence technologies, which can be used more broadly, separating the most interesting data, identifying the critical paths of certain assets, among other things,” explains Claudinei Elias, founder and CEO of Bravo GRC (a technology and consulting company specializing in implementing Governance, Corporate Risk Management, and ESG solutions), who recently took on the position of Partner and Global CEO of Ambipar ESG. He emphasizes that using artificial intelligence in favor of cybersecurity is the main trend for this year. “This is a powerful tool and, just as it can be used to attack, it can be used to reinforce defenses and, especially, to understand where there are potential flaws that hackers can exploit to execute attacks,” he says.

According to the specialist, another point of attention will be cloud services. “With the popularization of this type of service, the trend is that they will increasingly become targets of attacks. Therefore, providers and users will need to be extra vigilant,” says Elias. In addition, the Supply Chain network also tends to see an increase in attacks due to its importance and the consequences that an attack in this sector can cause.

“Considering the challenges of cybersecurity for this year, I believe the key is to evaluate the efficiency of your current program and use AIs to further improve defenses. The damage that an attack can cause, both financially and to the company’s reputation, can be irreversible, potentially causing the company to collapse,” concludes Elias.