Green Seal guarantees: a secure and traceable certification

By Writing Team
Posted in June 20, 2023

INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology) is a Brazilian federal agency linked to the Ministry of Economy. It was created with the aim of promoting metrology, conformity assessment and the quality of products and services in the country.

The scope of INMETRO recognition is quite wide. It operates in several areas, ensuring that the products and services available on the market meet the requirements of safety, quality, efficiency and compliance with established technical standards. Some of INMETRO’s main areas of action include:

INMETRO is responsible for accrediting and supervising certification bodies in Brazil. These bodies are responsible for granting conformity certificates to products, management systems, industrial processes, among others.

INMETRO has a specific accreditation program for certifiers of waste management services, known as CGCRE (General Coordination of Accreditation). Accreditation is a process through which INMETRO recognizes the technical competence and impartiality of the certifiers that work in this area.

Certifications accredited by Inmetro play a key role in mitigating greenwashing, as they provide a reliable and impartial system for assessing the environmental performance and sustainability of products and services. When obtaining a certification accredited by Inmetro, companies are subjected to rigorous evaluation criteria, which consider environmental, social and economic aspects.

These certifications act as a guarantee seal that companies are adopting sustainable practices in their operations. They help consumers identify products and services that are truly sustainable, enabling them to make more informed purchasing decisions. In addition, certifications also benefit the companies themselves, as they add value to their brand, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and transparency.

The credibility of certifications accredited by Inmetro is essential to combat greenwashing. Accreditation is a process that ensures that certifications are issued in accordance with recognized standards. Inmetro plays a crucial role in this process, establishing rigorous criteria for the accreditation of certification bodies, ensuring that only those that meet these requirements can issue valid certifications.

It is important to note that certifications alone are not a complete solution to greenwashing. It takes a constant commitment from companies to adopt sustainable and transparent practices in all areas of their operations. In addition, consumers also play a key role by keeping themselves informed and demanding sustainable products and services, backed by reliable certifications.

Ambipar Certification’s Green Seal is accredited by INMETRO’s CGCRE (General Accreditation Coordination) and undergoes annual assessments by the agency on its technical competence and impartiality.

We can highlight some differences that make Ambipar Certification a unique Certifier in the market:

Ambipar Certification’s Green Seal adopts a circular approach when evaluating a company’s sustainable practices. It considers not only environmental aspects, but also social and economic aspects. This means that the certification covers a wider range of criteria, providing a complete view of the organization’s sustainable performance, including the company’s practices that involve suppliers, the community and its employees.

Ambipar Certification is a company that has professionals with extensive experience in environmental services and sustainability. Therefore, the Green Seal is backed by technical rigor, a specific procedure validated by the INMETRO body, based on objective and scientifically grounded criteria. This ensures that assessments are performed accurately and reliably, increasing the credibility of the certification.

The main objective of Ambipar Certification’s Green Seal is to encourage and recognize companies that are adopting practices in line with the transition to a circular economy. This focus highlights the importance of reducing waste, reusing resources and promoting sustainable business models, contributing to a more regenerative economy with a low environmental impact, not forgetting commitments to the National Policy on Solid Waste.

Ambipar Certification performs assessments that are conducted by impartial and competent specialists, who follow objective and transparent procedures. This independence avoids conflicts of interest and ensures the integrity of the certification process.

The process for obtaining the Ambipar Certification Green Seal includes on-site verification visits to companies applying for certification. These visits allow for a detailed analysis of the company’s practices and processes, ensuring that the information provided is accurate and corresponds to reality. This approach helps to avoid presenting misleading or superficial information by identifying greenwashing practices.

The Green Seal relies on the expertise and scope of the Ambipar Group, a global company recognized for its sustainable practices. This means that companies certified by Ambipar have a competitive advantage for organizations looking to expand their business internationally and wish to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

It is worth remembering that Ambipar Certification‘s Green Seal certification process is not limited to a specific assessment. It is a Certification that is valid for 3 years and that undergoes a system of continuous monitoring of certified companies, through annual maintenance audits. This ensures that companies maintain their sustainable standards over time and do not abandon their practices after obtaining certification. Ongoing follow-up helps identify any deviations or inconsistencies that might indicate greenwashing.

These differentials of the Ambipar Certification Green Seal make it an attractive option for companies that wish to obtain a sustainable, traceable, high-quality, recognized certification that covers all relevant aspects of sustainability.

Ambipar Certification‘s entire approach stands out as a safe certifier in the face of greenwashing due to its rigorous, independent and transparent approach. It establishes demanding criteria, performs on-site assessments, implements continuous monitoring and has credibility and recognition in the field of sustainability. By adopting these measures, Ambipar Certification contributes to the trust and credibility of certifications, avoiding misleading greenwashing practices.