In all compensation, Ambify allocates a percentage of the amount, at no additional cost to the user, for social projects

By Writing Team
Posted in May 2, 2022

Actress Larissa Manoela, who has already participated in the Meu Planeta Mais Verde campaign, to celebrate World Earth Day promoted by Ambipar, a leader in environmental management, will now debut another action: from Ambify, a carbon credits platform. # IssoCompensa will encourage young people to change their habits + calculate the carbon footprint in the app, so that everyone can reduce their impact on the environment in a simple and affordable way.

With the Ambify app, which can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, Ambipar wants to encourage people about the fact that every change in habit counts to fight climate change, and to show that the platform helps anyone to offset your daily emissions.

Climate change began to be discussed with greater attention among several countries in 1990, when science was already warning of the increase in CO2 emissions, linked to human activities and the excess that had been interfering with the balance of the planet.

“Ambify is Ambipar’s carbon offset platform for individuals and is part of Ambipar’s actions to show the importance of changing habits for the regeneration of the planet. We need to start recycling more and from there we will reduce our carbon footprint. And for that to happen, our habits are very important. Every action we take to reduce waste going to landfill will transform waste into new products or credits. We are on our way to a new era and that makes me very happy. #This Pays Off”, explains Larissa Manoela.

Carbon credits also emerged as a solution. They originate from projects committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Basically, 1 carbon credit is a verified certificate that corresponds to 1 ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) and is no longer emitted. These credits can be generated globally and are audited by international entities.

“The Ambify platform calculator is an innovative solution that has made it feasible to fractionate tons of carbon into kilos, so that everyone can now buy a share of a carbon credit. Including you and your followers. This was restricted only to large organizations. Now, if everyone buys a fraction, everyone can make a difference and contribute to the goals of the Paris Agreement, which aim to reduce and even eliminate excessive carbon emissions”, informs Larissa.

Ambify’s calculator yields a lot of interesting content. In it, it is possible to discover the carbon emission of air or land travel, daily meals and even your domestic routine. It is a way of making carbon emission tangible, making it clearer to people what it is all about. With it, it’s easier to compensate for what you still can’t change.

“With Ambify, making up is for everyone. For example: a flight from São Paulo to Salvador (1481 km) = 123kg of CO2 = 123 Ambify = R$24.60. And you can make several equations that facilitate this understanding, for example: + customized clothing = – production of new clothes = – carbon generated by the fashion industry = – waste production = + clean air for everyone. This is really cool”, concludes Larissa.

In all compensation, Ambify allocates a percentage of the amount, at no additional cost to the user, for social projects in one of the partner institutions of your choice, Instituto Jô Clemente (Former APAE de São Paulo), Doctors without Borders or Instituto Luz Alliance.