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Solutions focused on the logistics market and sustainability

Ambipar Logtech is a comprehensive structure of technological and financial services focused on the logistics market and sustainability.

We offer credit solutions and a logistics system for carriers and shippers with freight management, CIOT issuance, toll vouchers, fuel management, tracking, telemetry and fatigue, vehicle debt and corporate expenses management.

Control your entire logistics journey from end to end through Ambipar Logtech with end-to-end logistic management platforms.


Ambipar Logtech

Get to know all our solutions:

Complete platform for management and electronic payment of freight through PIX or 100% sustainable card, accepted throughout Brazil, and has other digital payment methods, in addition to the Ambipar TAG toll payment system.

Fleet fuel management system, with monitoring of all expenses and real-time refueling information, providing cost reduction and operational work and greater control.

End-to-end vehicle tracking solution, providing complete operation monitoring, regardless of location and time, with a focus on driver fatigue monitoring.

Online platform that provides management and consultation of vehicle debts for own fleet in a single system, enabling the regularization and monitoring of new fines, licensing, IPVA and debts in real time.

Accepted in 100% of toll booths in Brazil, used for light and heavy fleets with the aim of facilitating management and reconciliation of passages for companies and fleet managers.

Through a nationally accepted card, it enables the centralization and payment of company administrative expenses, mainly in the management of cost assistance, maintenance, meals, lodging, among others.

In addition, the Ambipar Bank platform offers you a unique experience, with facilities that will bring a new way of understanding the financial market, with modern and agile financial solutions, always focusing on the growth of the sustainable chain. We have products that facilitate the management of your business in a simple and practical way.

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