On October 27, we installed a biodigester to make the environmentally appropriate disposal of food waste from the company’s restaurant. The equipment transforms all the waste into a safe liquid that is disposed of in the sewer network. The practice was another one of the actions taken so that we could reach “Landfill Zero”. This process provides the correct disposal of waste, avoiding the impact of disposal in landfills.

All the rest of the waste, generated at the Nova Odessa operational complex, is collected, separated and disposed of correctly for recycling, becoming raw material for the manufacture of other products. Non-recyclable waste is sent to the production of Fuel Derived from Waste (CDR), with the appropriate monitoring of the generation and destination indicators.

With the initiatives, currently, 100% of the waste generated in the Nova Odessa complex is recycled. Ambipar believes in a more sustainable world and starts actions at home to achieve this goal.

The company is recognized in the market for carrying out waste management, from collection, segregation, sorting, operation of waste centers, external transportation and final destination. The entire process has always been done with a focus on valuation. Consistent with its principles, Ambipar has developed actions to ensure that all waste generated at its headquarters in Nova Odessa is valued.