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A Ambipar promove a Economia Circular em seus clientes e na Indústria de Papel e Celulose não é diferente.

Equipe redação

By Equipe de Redação
Posted in September 4, 2020

Ambipar promotes Circular Economy in its customers and in the Pulp and Paper Industry is no different.

The process of valorization of industrial waste allows adding value, reintroducing them as products on the market, strengthening the concept of economic sustainability.

The Ecobase ™ – Civil Construction Line allows its customers, the use of products in works for paving, support of fences, pipes and even the sub-base for maintenance of high traffic roads.

See some products at: http://bit.ly/ecobase

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The Ecosolo ™ – Agriculture Line, allows its use in applications in several cultures, whether in forestry or even in general agriculture, providing the expansion of soil organic matter through the soil conditioner or even correcting the acidity of the soil, restoring nutrients to the soil, through the acidity concealer.

See some products at: http://bit.ly/ecosolo
Talk to our analysts by email: [email protected]

It is Ambipar developing solutions for a sustainable society