Company assumes public commitment to join efforts to reach the 17 UN SDGs

Ambipar is the newest Brazilian signatory to the UN Global Compact
Company assumes public commitment to join efforts to reach the 17 UN SDGs

Ambipar, a leader in environmental management, joined the select group of signatory companies of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world. From the inclusion of the company in the Brazilian chapter, the public commitment to join efforts to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) becomes official, following the Ten Universal Principles linked to them.

“Adherence to the Global Compact is an important achievement, as it means one more step that we take towards seeking total alignment with values ​​related to socio-environmental development and reinforces our commitment in this regard,” says Onara Lima, Sustainability director.

The Global Compact is an alignment between more than 15 thousand companies that seeks to adapt strategies, practices and processes to these drivers in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.

Ambipar has the concept of sustainability in its DNA. It is a precursor in environmental management and helps companies to adopt sustainable practices and meet the most important indices such as ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). Based on waste management and recovery services, Ambipar practices circular economy, promoting care for the environment.

At the same time, it offers emergency response services, which, in addition to minimizing environmental impacts, prevent social problems for communities that may eventually be harmed by accidents with chemicals. In terms of governance, Ambipar offers legal and environmental compliance software to help companies in this regard, being the market leader.