Ambipar and Copersucar launch “Go Ethanol” campaign

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Posted in November 3, 2020

Ambipar and Copersucar launch “Go Ethanol” campaign

Use of fuel in Ambipar’s fleet reduces CO² emissions by up to 90%

Ambipar, a leader in environmental management, in partnership with Copersucar, launches, in November, the “Go Ethanol” campaign to raise public awareness about the benefits of using fuel ethanol. With ethanol, it is possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere by up to 90%, replacing gasoline, according to the Renovabio program, of the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

The idea is to encourage the employees of both companies to start using only ethanol and, in a second moment, the concept will be transmitted to customers, suppliers and partners. The objective is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

During the campaign, Ambipar and Copersucar will work on informative materials on the benefits of opting for fuel. The first step was to produce a stamp to paste in the fleets of the two companies, in order to encourage the use of ethanol instead of gasoline. “From the stickers, people start to see the action on the streets. It is a way to convey the message and raise awareness about the benefits of supplying alcohol, ”says Onara Lima, Ambipar’s director of sustainability.

The dimension of the impact at Ambipar
Within Ambipar’s good practice policies, ethanol is already mandatory to supply the light vehicle fleet. The company calculates that, for every 100 thousand liters of gasoline substituted by ethanol, it reduces the emission of CO² in the atmosphere by 1.25 tons.

By encouraging all its employees to follow the same line, it is estimated that the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions achieved would be equivalent to the planting of almost 500 trees per year.

DNA sustainability
Ambipar has the criteria that govern the ESG indexes (environment, social and governance, in its acronym in English) in its DNA. In addition to keeping all of its practices and processes in line with these guidelines, the company offers services and products that allow other companies to meet these criteria as well.

Ambipar is a pioneer in waste management and recovery in Brazil, promoting a circular economy with operations throughout the value chain. With expertise in emergency care in all modes, it also acts in the management of viral crises and chemical and biological emergencies that affect people’s health, the environment and heritage. With both fronts, Ambipar acts directly on environmental issues and, simultaneously, minimizes or prevents social impacts that an eventual accident may cause.

Additionally, Ambipar’s legal and environmental compliance software supports companies in matters of corporate governance. Through them, it is possible to map the legal requirements and the entire management of regulatory leave periods, control of the health and safety of employees and act directly in corporate governance.

About Ambipar:

Headquartered in Nova Odessa, SP, Ambipar is a Brazilian multinational with a presence in 15 countries: Latin America, Europe, Africa and North America and Antarctica. Formed by Ambipar Environment and Ambipar Response, two reference segments in the environmental management market, which offer integrated solutions based on sustainability and respect for the environment.

Ambipar went public in July 2020. It was the first environmental management company to join B3, the Brazilian stock exchange.

It has ISO certifications (9001, 14001, 45001, 22320), Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Assessment System (SASSMAQ) and follows the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) indicators. In addition, it participates in Together for Sustainability (TFS), CEBDS (Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development), among others. The organization is a signatory to the Global Compact.