Acquisition puts company at the top of the Greentech segment, leading Artificial Intelligence in information management and traceability for companies

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By Equipe de Redação
Posted in October 29, 2020

Ambipar, a leader in environmental management, has just acquired 100% of the capital of Verde Ghaia. In July this year, the company acquired Âmbito Negócios Sustentáveis. Both companies specialize in legal, risk and compliance monitoring systems with a focus on sustainability and traceability.

The initiative is part of Ambipar’s efforts to offer complete ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) solutions to customers. From the acquisitions, the company takes the lead in software and environmental management systems.

“We are going to combine the expertise of the two companies and offer a robust support of services to our customers, using artificial intelligence applied to environmental processes”, says Thiago Silva, CFO and Investor Relations director at Ambipar.

Using the legal and environmental compliance systems of the acquired companies, Ambipar will be able to map the requirements of the legislation by market segment and manage all the regulatory terms of licenses, control of the health and safety of employees, ensuring traceability, among others. other possibilities. In this way, Ambipar gives the client security to control deadlines and read the laws, with legal interpretations of how to act to meet specific requirements.


Âmbito was founded by Marcelo Eduardo de Souza, in 1994, with the purpose of supporting business leaders in the formation of businesses that aim at ethics, human, economic, social and environmental values. 10 years ago, Âmbito started working with legal and environmental management software, with a portfolio of systems related to legal requirements, transport and waste management, non-compliance treatment, document control, supplier management and third-party employees. In addition to the software already available, it also acts in a personalized manner, understanding the customer’s need to create a specific legal and environmental management system.

Verde Ghaia

VG was founded in 1999 by Deivison Pedroza. Since then, the company has assumed the leading role, bringing innovation and technology to sustainability strategies in all operations, policies and processes. Today, the company is a leader in its field. Among the solutions based on artificial intelligence, the following stand out: the Sustainability Management and Performance software, developed through its own methodology. To streamline the processes for capturing and interpreting legislation in real time, the company also developed LIA, VG’s Artificial Intelligence platform. Together, they are able to identify all the legislation applicable to any industry, offering reliable answers on environmental compliance.