Pró-Química , ABIQUIM’s public service, informs those who contact you, the procedures for transportation, handling and safety of chemical products, including in emergencies, when giving guidance to the shareholder regarding how to proceed in these situations.

The adhesion of the companies (known as “maintainers” of the program) allows them to use the telephone 0800 11 8270 in the MSDS, shipping documents and hazard communication labels within Brazil, in compliance with the legislation (NBR / GHS) and thus providing an 0800 number so that its partners and users have 24 hour access to product information in emergency cases (acting as a Customer Service Department – specialized for safety, health information in emergencies with their chemicals). And the maintainer is immediately notified of any occurrences and queries involving your company and its products. Excellent addition to Ambipar Response’s Emergency Response Service.

The Pró-Química phone is ideal for placing as an emergency phone on the labels of a wide range of products. The user may only need simple information.