Simulate real driving situations.


Professional drivers from category D.


  • Assistance in hiring new drivers and reducing fuel costs, maintenance, wear and tear and accident occurrences
  • Self-sufficient and economical structure: No fuel consumption and no pollutant emissions
  • Multi-scenarios: Urban roads, Highway, Dirt road, Weather, Slopes and Slopes
  • The training can be carried out at the Ambipar multimodal training center, or at the premises of the contracting company , with all the necessary resources


  • Efficient Driver: Reduction of accidents, Fuel and maintenance savings
  • Anti-tipping: Reduction of accidents and Prevention of accidents
  • Evaluation: X-ray of the frame drivers or hiring new drivers
  • Trailer maneuver: Reduced time in maneuver, tire drag and vehicle unavailability to start traveling due to incidents

CAPACITY: Up to 16 people / shift

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