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Ambipar receives a certificate for the excellence of its health and safety program at the customer's unit and has achieved almost 5 years without accidents

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By Equipe de Redação
Posted in July 28, 2021

Ambipar works with the recovery of waste and has teams installed in industries to carry out this process. In that month, the company was honored with a certificate of 500 thousand hours without accidents and leave for the excellence of its health and safety practices within a large company in the pulp and paper sector. The prevention program resulted in a fall in accident rates, with four years and nine months of work without incidents.

To achieve 500 thousand hours without accidents, 12 safety rules were implemented, which are monitored through the Stop and Protect Program. In this project, if the employee follows all the rules, he or she gets a green card. In case of non-compliance, you can win a yellow or red card. During the semester, the cards received by employees are counted in order to assess whether they have complied with the security standards.

In addition, employees receive several communications focused on raising awareness of the importance of following health and safety standards, through interactive videos featuring superheroes that represent the main duties of employees on a daily basis. The so-called Safety Squad helps teams understand what the rules were to be followed and the importance of this to prevent accidents.

The Anti-Drug Program was also carried out to provide important information about the dangers of using illegal substances, whether on or off the job. Ambipar’s teams got fully aware of this and were instructed to contact the company’s health and safety department in case they noticed any irregularities.

All the implemented programs culminated in the promotion of occupational safety among employees, making Ambipar awarded for almost five years of services provided within the customer’s unit without accidents.

Ambipar is concerned with the health and safety of employees and invests in awareness programs and actions to protect them. Other initiatives can be found in the 2020 Sustainability Report, published by the company.